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In this digital era, we can’t think about our life without emails. Gmail is preferred by a large section of people because it keeps making improvements in its features and eases its usage. The features introduced in new Gmail help people to make them more productive. The most vital feature is that without even opening the conversation you are able to click on the attachments that it contains. Further, the snooze button could be used for putting off the emails.

New Gmail

Introduction of new features has made it easy to access other apps like Google calendar, tasks and so on. It could be used both on Android as well as iOS devices. According to a feature present in it you will get reminded whenever there is any follow-up or you need to respond to messages with reminders. You can find this feature just beside the email messages. This prevents missing out an important message. If you have difficulty understanding these features, then you can call in Gmail support number for availing help of experts.

The smart reply is another vital feature that is introduced. It enables you to reply faster to your email messages. Along with this, the new Gmail consists of the facility of priority notification according to which you will get a notification whenever you receive an important email. It also suggests you unsubscribe any unnecessary newsletters that you have not used for a long time. You even get a warning if you receive any risky emails in your inbox. Thus, new Gmail even protects you from frauds and save your account from being hacked. Gmail customer service helps you to understand all the features and then apply them in your life, thus usage of Gmail is much easier than it was earlier.

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