Tips on How to Protect Your Email Account from the Hackers

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Often people access their gmail account iPhone device as it is the most convenient way to check their emails or send their important mails. That is why almost every smartphone is installed with the feature which helps people to add their email account on their mobile device. People will need to setup set up gmail iphone correctly on their device and for that they sometimes might need to take help from their tech support team.

The experts at the email support team can help you to add your gmail account iPhone or any other kind of device. They can send you the proper configuration and with those configurations you can successfully add your email account on your desired device.

But sometimes when you add your gmail account iPhone, you might have to be more careful as your email account can be hacked easily by the hackers. Mobile phones may be the less secure device and for that reason your device as well as your email account can get hacked.

Also your email account can be hacked into when you become careless about your device as well as your email account. That is why you should keep these below mentioned tips on your mind to keep your gmail account on iPhone protected:

  • Often you may use public internet or open Wi-Fi, this may help hackers to get into your email account through that public network. That is why you should never use an internet when you are not sure about its privacy.
  • You may use different web browsers while logging in to your email account, but you should always use a protected browser for accessing your email account. Otherwise your email account can be infected by viruses which may come through that unprotected browser.
  • Also you should never reply to those kinds of emails which are asking you to provide personal details along with your passwords. That kind of mail might be phishing mail and with the help of those kinds of mails hackers can easily get into your email account.
  • When you are unable to log in to your email account due to password mismatch, you may need to go for Gmail Password Recovery But sometimes after recovering your password you forget to check and change the settings of your email account. That might be risky for your account as hackers may have changed your settings and after resetting your password they also can become able to get that password due to email setting changes. That is why you always should change the settings after the recovery procedure.
  • Also you may have setup same passwords for different accounts and that may become more helpful for the hackers to hack into your email account. That is why different password for different account is very much needed.

But in that case there is a little chance of forgetting your passwords and you might have to go through Gmail Password Recovery procedures frequently. So you should seek help from the tech support team regarding this matter as they can better guide you.

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