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As Gmail is the most preferred email service brand so anyone who uses internet on regular basis as an account in Gmail. The benefits and services provided by Gmail are very beneficial but it may not be useful for businesses as the email address of the Gmail ends with If you are using an address like this, then it may look bit unprofessional. If you use this type of email address in that situation you will need an email address which has your company name as domain name. Gmail business hosting is all about this. Hosted email is simply the term for any email provider that manage emails for you.

Why There Is Need Of Gmail Business Hosting?

  • Some larger companies prefer to handle and manage email themselves and so they will usually have their own in-house email servers and forms of redundancy that they can afford for Gmail business.
  • Another benefit is that IT department that can maintain the business email very easily and hence they are able to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.
  • For freelancers and small businesses, buying servers and hiring IT staff just for the purposes of email would be extremely costly. So instead of hiring any expert they can opt for Gmail business hosting.
  • Gmail has free offerings which enables people to easily create and use the Gmail business account.

It has flourished into a complete hosted business solution that provides many of the popular Google services that you can manage for you and your employees. It provides all the features and benefits of a standard Google account so you will not have a problem if you wish to use it as simple email account. It will be powered by Gmail so you still get all the added benefits, such as its legendary spam filtering. If you have any trouble in getting your account hosted then you can always get help from a support company. The support company not only helps you in setting up a hosting account but also helps you in case you have problem in the account itself.

Gmail Business Hosting

It’s all about branding and having another company’s name for what is likely your primary form of communication can give the wrong impression. Using hosted email services, you can use your own domain name to give your email addresses a much more professional appearance, especially when dealing with multiple employees. Gmail business hosting enables you to have rack of servers so you can completely on it. This is additionally beneficial for the hosted email company as they can perform server upgrades and replacements without any impact to service. Gmail email hosting is not only easy to set up but also it is easy to manage. There’s no mail server for you to upgrade or maintain which means there’s no unexpected costs, you simply have to pay for the users you have and the rest is managed by the service provider.

For setting up a Gmail business hosting you have to some very simple steps and you will be able to do it very easily. You’ll be asked for some basic information, such as your name, current email address and a little bit about you or your business. After you have entered all the basic information it will ask you whether you want to use Gmail domain name or you want to provide your own domain name. If you want to select a username of your choice, then you have to select the option and then you have to   enter your domain name. Next, you will be asked to create first account you will also be able to make required changes in the account itself. You can also get help from Gmail customer service and support team to manage Gmail business hosting so better.