How To Recover Gmail Forgot Password Instantly

Often email users use emails for their work purpose or personal purposes. But sometimes they have to face several troubles when their email accounts stop working properly. This may happen due to several reasons or issue. In that case you may have to contact the technical support team in order to get rid of those email related issue like Gmail forgot password.

Gmail Forgot Password

Often gmail users may have to face email related issue when they forget their email password. In that case they might have to contact email support team or you might have to visit email support page in order to get better solutions.

How to get rid of Gmail forgot password related issues?

When a gmail user forgets his or her email password, he or she should go for resetting or recovering the password as this is very essential to get access to the email account. To reset the password these below mentioned steps should be selected:

  • First user needs to go to the “Account support page”.
  • Then the instructions should be followed.
  • Then the user has to answer the security questions in order to regain the access to the email account.
  • Then the user will be able to reset their password when the email account will sent the recovery code.
  • Next the user has to choose a strong password which he or she has never used before.

If the user is unable to get Gmail Password Recovery code through email or mobile devices these below mentioned steps should be followed to recover Gmail forgot password:

  • First users need to check the “Spam” or “Bulk Mail” folders.
  • Then users need to add “” to their address book.
  • After that users need to go for “Request another email”.
  • Also users should check all the email addresses they might have used to sign up or log in to your account.

Also if the user is suspecting suddenly his or her email account has been hacked, he or she at any time can change the email password by following these steps.

  • First the user should log in to the email account and go to the “My Account” option.
  • Then the users need to select Signing in to Google from the “Sign-in & security” section.
  • After that users need to choose password.
  • Now the users need to enter new password information and then they have to select Change Password option.

Also users should follow these below mentioned tips while they are setting a password for the email account:

  • The most important tip is the password should contain at least 8 characters.
  • People can user uppercase and lowercase letters. But they should maintain the case while re-entering that password to get into the email account
  • Passwords may contain numbers.
  • Also some symbols may be used while setting the password.
  • The user should never use space between the letters or at the beginning or at the end of the password.

Also email users should keep in their mind that a strong password should be used always to keep an email account protected.

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